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ELC is an innovative cooperative tool for the decentralized development of life extension technologies.

Our mission is to accelerate research and development to improve human health

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Now the biopharmaceutical industry is thriving thanks to unprecedented investments, especially in the science of longevity. However, all this takes place at the corporate or closed level. Our goal is to bring these processes to the public sector and allow everyone to participate because we believe that to solve global goals, we need to unite.

Blockchain technology will help us not only to be transparent but also to help ensure the safety of data and the sharing of ideas and developments. We want to provide a secure space where everyone can share ideas and be sure that their ideas are not misappropriated.

Range of services

ELC DAO is a multi-functional project in which we can consider collaboration and partnership in all areas. It can be marketing, PR, assistance in recruitment, research, attracting investments, assistance in opening clinics, laboratories, research centers. For each project we can prepare an individual offer.

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Investment transparency

Our site is a guarantee for both the investor and the contractor DAO is supported by a foundation that invests in real longevity startups. The fund’s supporters are rewarded as a thank-you for donating. The fund then makes standard investments in longevity research startups. The fund is needed for the reserve; it can be internal or third-party. The site itself acts as a guarantor between the project and the investor, using KYB and KYC principles, whose main goal is to ensure safety in the conduct of financial activities. This creates a safe environment for both those who need to invest and those who want to invest.

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Technology and security

Our platform can secure researchers by patenting their work. With us you don’t have to fear that your ideas will be stolen. We want to touch on the topic of security and patenting.  What are our plans? Introducing IP-NFT (or other technology), which represents legal rights to intellectual property and research and development data. With IP-NFT (or other technology), intellectual property can be partitioned for distributed ownership, licensing and management; it is linked to decentralized financial services. Consequently, we have a global challenge in the form of information aggregation: to do this, we will provide a secure platform where people can share their developments. This means we will be able to do global data processing! Why? There is a lot of closed-loop research going on in the world every day. Let’s imagine the following situation: there is a researcher in Germany, in the Czech Republic, in Ukraine, and each of them is studying the same question. If we create an opportunity to combine their efforts, the result of research will be more accurate, faster and of higher quality. The complete decentralization of information by centralizing it will produce results that scientists would never be able to obtain separately!

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What we want to change in the sector of healthcare

To solve this problem, our team has set a priority goal for itself – to create a DAO community where each participant will not only be able to make small decisions but also influence large-scale issues such as the construction of clinics, research, and much more. The minimum viable product (MVP) of our project is still at the sandbox stage, and we are preparing it for an early release.

  • We are convinced that global issues should be resolved together. However, the gradation of users is important. The voice of a qualified physician or scientist in the decision-making process should be more important than the voice of a user without medical education or a professional from another field. This requires KYC. This tool will help in promoting the most useful, promising, and viable projects.

  • Our community unites people from different parts of the world. Here are not only doctors, biologists, researchers, IT specialists, and founders of medical startups, but also everyone interested in innovative medicine. Here you can exchange experiences, discuss ideas, have discussions, and promote your project.

  • We understand how important it is to preserve many years of work and unique experiences. The blockchain technology that we use allows us not only to guarantee the inviolability of copyrights and intellectual property. We want users to share ideas without fear of being misappropriated.

  • Any project is implemented only with proper funding. A startup will not survive without investments. Therefore, we strive to create the most transparent format for raising funds. It will be based on mutually beneficial terms. We want the investor to be interested not only in dividends but also in the development of innovative technologies. In addition, we are considering the possibility of cooperation with reserve funds so that investors have guarantees and their interests are protected.

Our partners


Development of a probiotic containing strains of microorganisms that produce target metabolites, improving mitochondria function. Mitochondria dysfunction is a hallmark of aging and is connected with all age-related diseases. Despite the huge amount of research, interventions that significantly improve the functioning of the “old” mitochondria still do not exist. We believe that a fundamentally new approach is needed to improve the functioning of mitochondria throughout the body. Mitochondria were once bacteria and still retain many bacterial traits. And most importantly, they can still communicate with bacteria using the “language” of metabolites

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To create a center for Mitochondrial Medicine that can work as a separate clinic or as a unit integrated into existing medical offices, clinics, and hospitals. A center for mitochondrial medicine would be a specialized medical center that offers personalized assessments and treatments to optimize mitochondrial health and function and ultimately promote healthy aging and longevity. Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles in our cells, and as we age, their function can decline, leading to a range of age-related diseases and conditions.

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To develop a digital coaching platform that provides personalized assessments of mitochondrial health, performs data analysis and generates science-based insights and recommendations based on an individual’s unique health profile. The platform generates a comprehensive mitochondrial health report based on uploaded results data for each user, providing an overview of the individual’s current status and personalized recommendations for improvement based on their test results and lifestyle factors. This information can be valuable for both individuals and clinicians, as it can provide a basis for informed decision-making regarding treatment and interventions.

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Cordyceps militaris is a potential harbour of bio-metabolites for herbal drugs and evidences are available about its applications for revitalization of various systems of the body from ancient times. Amongst all the species, C. militaris is considered as the oldest source of some useful chemical constituents. People most commonly use Cordyceps for athletic performance, kidney disorders, liver problems, and sexual problems. Militaris Functions: Pro-sexual, • Anti-inflammatory, • Anti-oxidant/Anti-aging, • Anti-tumour/Anti-cancer/Antileukemic, • Anti-proliferative, • Anti-metastatic, • Immunomodulatory, • Anti-microbial, • Anti-bacterial, • Anti-viral, • Anti-fungal, • Anti-protozoal, • Insecticidal, • Larvicidal, • Anti-fibrotic, • Steroidogenic, • Hypoglacaemic, • Hypolipidaemic, • Anti-angiogenetic, • Anti-diabetic, • Anti-hiv, • Anti-malarial, • Anti-fatigue, • Neuroprotective, • Liver-protective, • Reno-protective • Pneumo-protective Сonstituents: The constituents of the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps militaris, especially the anticancer agent cordycepin (3′-deoxyadenosine), are expected to play evolutionary roles in the pharmacognosy sector in future. Cordyceps militaris mushroom may be used to support energy levels, endurance, and healthy lung capacity. • Its most prized compound, the energy-giving cordycepin, is molecularly similar to adenosine, which exists in all human cells. • Adenosine is used by the body to regulate heart rate and balance metabolic energy. • Since our bodies don’t differentiate between Cordycepin and adenosine, Cordycepin is essentially free energy! USES & EFFECTIVENESS May Boost Exercise Performance Cordyceps are thought to increase the body’s production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essential for delivering energy to the muscles. This may improve the way your body uses oxygen, especially during exercise. Anti-Aging Properties Researchers believe their antioxidant content may explain their anti-aging potential. Potential Anti-Tumor Effects Test-tube and animal studies suggest Cordyceps may have the potential to treat cancer, as well as some side effects of cancer treatments. However, these effects have not been shown in humans, and more research is needed. May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes Cordyceps contain a special type of sugar that may help treat diabetes. Possible Benefits for Heart Health Cordyceps may benefit heart health by helping prevent arrhythmias and lowering levels of triglycerides and “bad” LDL cholesterol. May Help Fight Inflammation Cordyceps is said to help fight inflammation in the body. Can be employed in libido-enhancing applications Cordyceps offers a natural and powerful alternative to libido-enhancing pharmaceutical drugs, proven in many studies and used by various cultures worldwide to treat male impotence, improve erectile function, sperm production and stamina, and increase sexual desire in both men and women

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Educational course in laboratory diagnostics for clinical specialists

Proper and reliable communication between clinical and laboratory specialists is crucial for the quality of diagnostic procedures and tests. Nevertheless, still there is a gap between these two Important parts of the treatment process since both of the parties already have a lot of duties they have to fulfill during their working days. This miscommunication leads to mistakes during instructing patients on preparation for upcoming laboratory tests and incorrect collection of biomaterial, which results in incorrect laboratory tests outcome. This stage is called pre-analytical, and most of the reasons of invalid laboratory tests appear due to mistakes made at this very stage. Another problem is nowadays the amount of laboratory tests available is overwhelming, and new and new arrive, so for the clinical specialist it becomes harder and harder to embrace all the diversity of tests, and what is most important – to interpret them in a right way. Considering this, we offer an educational course for clinical doctors, which will help them to understand nuances of laboratory diagnostics in order to avoid frequent mistakes and increase their awareness of multiple tests interpretation. We believe it will help to increase the quality of diagnostic itself and thus patients well-being.

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Investigation of doxorubicin effects on metastasis formation

Breast cancer (BC), despite of numerous studies on it, is still one of the most common types of cancer and remains one of the leading causes of death from malignant tumors in women. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer, in 2020 the number of BC cases in women reached 24.5% out of overall cancer cases, which corresponds to 2.2 million patients. Moreover, in last 5 years the percentage of cases was 30.3%, which is more than 7.7 million of patients. In addition, BC also has the highest mortality rate, in 2020 15.5%, of nearly 700,000 women. The BCs well-known feature can explain such high rate of mortality: it is extremely heterogeneous, which complicates the diagnosis and treatment. It is well-known that metastases formation is the major factor of the cancer deaths, and there are plenty of factors that contribute to this process. Dysregulation of posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression is one of such factors, which is currently under thorough investigation. However, despite of decades of research numerous factors involved in malignization and treatment resistance still remain unknown. For example, there is still limited data on how widely used chemotherapeutic drugs can influence cell transcriptome via epigenetic changes, and which effect it can show on particular tumor. Our project is focused on the possible influence of doxorubicin on expression levels of genes, involved in metastasis formation, and may be helpful not only for fundamental understanding of metastasizing, but also for possible further clinical implications in terms of personalized medicine.

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Just-DNA-Seq is a project to facilitate working with human genomes at all levels – from clinical cases to personal curiosity, education, and longevity. We envision the future when genomics is becoming more available, understandable, and useful for everybody, especially those interested in life extension and improving the human condition. Just-DNA-Seq aims to provide a user-friendly solution to genome annotation by allowing upload your own VCF files and receive annotations of genetic variants and polygenic risks scores related to longevity, major age-related diseases (cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, dementia, etc.), drug interactions, and other diseases and health risks This project will help you quickly and easily get a detailed description of the report on your genome. You have the option to choose the reports you would like to know about your genome. Here you can see an example of a genome report: How it works? The Just DNA-Seq platform consists of OakVar (Open-source Genomic Variant Analysis Platform) modules, bioinformatics pipelines, and additional libraries. One can realign and annotate the genome of interest employing Just DNA-Seq tools to to retrieve polygenic risk scores (PRS), information about variants associated with age-related diseases or major life threatening risks and longevity-associated variants present in genome. How to work with personal genome? Detailed user documentation is still in the making and will be available at Attention! The information provided is just for informational purposes. Its clinical implementation is possible just after consulting your healthcare practitioner.

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Microscopic surgical kit & ELC

Cell manipulations, whether these could be rotation, trapping, sorting or killing of the cell, are imperative in the work of any cell technician. Regardless of the fact that cell manipulation relying on optical tweezers was first demonstrated decades ago, and many innovative tools have been developed and honed since then, the necessity and significance of cell manipulation has started gaining wider recognition only fairly recently. And, to the disappointment of many, the existing technologies are far from the desired level of sophistication. We bring to your attention and at your service a microscopic surgical kit. Microscopic surgical kit (MSK) is a set of state-of-the-art tools in the field of cellular technologies that elevates the possibilities of the field to new heights. Owing to the development of MSK the production of blood, tissues, organs and complicated regenerative medicine procedures will become not only affordable, but most importantly, a commonplace technique. With the reduction of the cost and the improvement of the functions the chances of exceeding the age of 100 will only increase. MSK will be particularly servile in the longevity research. As the technology will deepen our understanding of stem cell nature, its integration and more effective transplantation.

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Molecular Reality Corporation

We’ve built a nanopore-based device we’re marketing as a gaming console. Players fill a reservoir with cells and molecules from inside and around them, collecting data for large experiments coordinated across a global network, while generating gaming experiences from the data. These gamified experiments will advance science across many disciplines: astrobiology, aging research, genomics, carbon capture, molecular gastronomy, veterinary science, agriculture, neurobiology, synthetic biology, drug development, and many more. Our mission: universal molecular sensing at the utility scale. Enabling everyone to “see” (count, measure, identify, and discover) any kind of molecule, as easily as they now use the internet. Potential impact: It could prevent the vast majority of cancer deaths and transmission of infectious diseases. Almost all clinical trials and biomedical research will rely on and benefit from the data. Longer term, this will be a significant reason we as a species “solve” human biology , cure aging, and develop robust synthetic biology. Core technology: “solid-state nanopore sensing” (ss-nanopores) In a nutshell: Molecules can be “seen” as they pass through tiny holes. ~$100M is spent yearly on ss-nanopore R&D, but progress is slow. Our plan to accelerate ss-nanopore R&D: We made a device for experimenting with ss-nanopores, and turned it into a gaming console! The data generates the gaming experience, and we reward players for more and better data. We’ll build a vast catalog of signals from the entire “molecular world”—from everything our players can sample. Validation: Y Combinator alum IP portfolio of many patentable inventions and (so far) one issued patent. $1.6M, raised so far, prototype instruments and games built with a small intensely dedicated team. A waitlist of ~1000 professional scientists, engineers, and gamers—all clamoring to play! Early revenue: 10K members, $300 joining fee covers initial hardware, +$40/month dues. Total revenue on $1.5M seed funding: $10.2M The Promise: 3-5 year goal: 2nd-gen instrument serving as first-in-class “universal” FDA approved diagnostic device 5-10 year goal: a >$20asB market cap, representing real value, not just valuation! The Ask: Raising $1.5M, and here’s what we’ll do with it: In the first six months we will enroll the first few hundred play-testers. After six months we will enroll 10K members

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The map of the progenitor cells

The development of an entire body from a single ovum is shrouded in many unanswered questions. By determining and following the ovum’s progenies, we aim to create a map of progenitor cells. The map of the progenitor cells is a genealogical tree of every cell in the organism. It is a visual instrument that shows the fate of the cell from its first ancestor to its Hayflick limit. The realization of the map will serve as excellent navigation, primarily in cell technologies and regenerative medicine. Owing to the creation of the genealogical tree of progenitor cells, regenerative medicine will become a worthy rival in the pharmaceutical industry. The physical limitations, such as the loss of a limb or an eye, will be solved, for the map will pave the way for a vast array of new possibilities. Moreover, the production of an unlimited quantity of stem cells will become feasible

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Young stem cells

Rejuvenation and prolongation of human lifespan through the permanent transplantation of adult stem cells. The network of clinics will provide a cycle of rejuvenation and a life prolongation process for people. The existing technologies of transplantation of safe adult stem cells from the bodies of young organisms to aged organisms often display the reactions of transplant rejection, proving the unreliability of the approach to prolonging the human lifespan. We offer technology for permanent transplantation of induced adult stem cells of all kinds that will not be rejected as the transplantation of one’s own induced adult stem cells can be carried out successfully as many times as necessary. Duly accomplishment of all the procedures will guarantee the prolongation of the human lifespan by at least 30%

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