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ELC is an innovative cooperative tool for the decentralized development of life extension technologies.

Our mission is to accelerate research and development to improve human health

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Now the biopharmaceutical industry is thriving thanks to unprecedented investments, especially in the science of longevity. However, all this takes place at the corporate or closed level. Our goal is to bring these processes to the public sector and allow everyone to participate because we believe that to solve global goals, we need to unite.

Blockchain technology will help us not only to be transparent but also to help ensure the safety of data and the sharing of ideas and developments. We want to provide a secure space where everyone can share ideas and be sure that their ideas are not misappropriated.


What we want to change in the sector of healthcare

To solve this problem, our team has set a priority goal for itself – to create a DAO community where each participant will not only be able to make small decisions but also influence large-scale issues such as the construction of clinics, research, and much more. The minimum viable product (MVP) of our project is still at the sandbox stage, and we are preparing it for an early release.

  • We are convinced that global issues should be resolved together. However, the gradation of users is important. The voice of a qualified physician or scientist in the decision-making process should be more important than the voice of a user without medical education or a professional from another field. This requires KYC. This tool will help in promoting the most useful, promising, and viable projects.

  • Our community unites people from different parts of the world. Here are not only doctors, biologists, researchers, IT specialists, and founders of medical startups, but also everyone interested in innovative medicine. Here you can exchange experiences, discuss ideas, have discussions, and promote your project.

  • We understand how important it is to preserve many years of work and unique experiences. The blockchain technology that we use allows us not only to guarantee the inviolability of copyrights and intellectual property. We want users to share ideas without fear of being misappropriated.

  • Any project is implemented only with proper funding. A startup will not survive without investments. Therefore, we strive to create the most transparent format for raising funds. It will be based on mutually beneficial terms. We want the investor to be interested not only in dividends but also in the development of innovative technologies. In addition, we are considering the possibility of cooperation with reserve funds so that investors have guarantees and their interests are protected.

Have any questions?

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  • The goal that we have set for ourselves is the acquisition by the human body of the ability to remain young and healthy as long as possible – practically, the acquisition of immortality by a person.

    A young man at 100 years of age? Why not? And this is just the tip of the iceberg of our plans.

  • The main and most global goal of the project is to gain immortality. However, to achieve this goal, there is a lot of work to be done: from introducing the latest developments in medical practice, which already now can significantly improve health and prolong life, to conducting scientific research that will help achieve our global goal.

  • A fund or a company interested in investing in our project can contact us via the contact form to clarify all the details. The main condition is the sharing of project values ​​and the desire to change the world for the better together with us.

    In addition, we plan to issue our own NFT collection, by purchasing which you will also be able to invest in the project.

  • Since we create the ELC project from scratch and fully cover all our activities in social networks, you can learn about all promotions and developments from our official pages and website. One of the first public results will be the presentation of the project at the Eternity Life Forum, where we will present our project, with its ideas and developments.