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International project, dedicated to find the way of immortality and prolong the humans lives
We hope our researchs will help for Eternity Life Clinics’ pations to reach the average age
Quantity of clinics we plan to build around the world for high-quality treatment of patients
Approximate year when people will be able to achieve immortality

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Decentralized Autonomous Organization

ELC is an innovative cooperative tool for the decentralized development of life extension technologies

Eternity Life Forum

Eternity Life Forum is a major event, a concentration of experience, knowledge and research from a number of scientists, physicians and founders of innovative projects

Medical Tourism

Eternity Life Tourism is a company dedicated to help people find the most effective treatment options for any medical condition in the world

High Tech Clinics

Eternity Life Clinics is a global international project aimed at making healthcare easy and affordable, and life itself timeless

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Our path contains a number of stages that will be revealed as the project develops. Since our goals and technologies are protected by medical patents, they are disclosed only to persons who have passed the verification of the project and become its participants.

Jan - Feb 2022
Mar - Jun 2022
Jul - Sep 2022
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  • Creation of a technical document
  • Launch and registration of social networks
  • Launch of a website
  • Team formation
  • Legal registration
  • Opening an office
  • Launch a website with the project’s knowledge base
  • Launching a YouTube channel
  • Marketing and product promotion
  • Formation of the medical council
  • Search for startups and Researchers (Partnership)
  • Presentation of plans for the construction of a research center and clinic
  • Media coverage
  • Publication of Development Roadmap V. 1*
  • Creation of an ecosystem (token issuance and coverage of blockchain networks)
  • The release of the beta version of the game in the sandbox
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  • The goal that we have set for ourselves is the acquisition by the human body of the ability to remain young and healthy as long as possible – practically, the acquisition of immortality by a person.

    A young man at 100 years of age? Why not? And this is just the tip of the iceberg of our plans.

  • The main and most global goal of the project is to gain immortality. However, to achieve this goal, there is a lot of work to be done: from introducing the latest developments in medical practice, which already now can significantly improve health and prolong life, to conducting scientific research that will help achieve our global goal.

  • A fund or a company interested in investing in our project can contact us via the contact form to clarify all the details. The main condition is the sharing of project values ​​and the desire to change the world for the better together with us.

    In addition, we plan to issue our own NFT collection, by purchasing which you will also be able to invest in the project.

  • Since we create the ELC project from scratch and fully cover all our activities in social networks, you can learn about all promotions and developments from our official pages and website. One of the first public results will be the presentation of the project at the Eternity Life Forum, where we will present our project, with its ideas and developments.