Eternity Life Clinics will soon launch a DAO community

Published February 7, 2023
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Eternity Life Clinics - Eternity Life Clinics will soon launch a DAO community

Our goal is to bring together the best specialists in the field of medicine on one platform, where developers and creators of start-ups in the sphere could share their ideas.

The final stage of the MVP of the ELC-DAO project is currently underway, and it will be launched soon.

What is DAO?

We are working to create a community of like-minded people who are interested in innovations in the medical field, the latest technological solutions in the sphere of life extension and issues related to longevity and youth preservation. Community members will be specialists from all over the world – biologists, scientists, doctors, IT and NFT specialists, founders of startups in the field of medicine – everyone who is interested in innovative medicine. As part of the DAO crypto community, they will have the opportunity not only to make local decisions, interacting collectively, but also to contribute to solving global problems, in particular, the construction of clinics, the identification of priority areas for scientific research, financial support for medical start-ups, and so on.

“Today, the field of biopharmaceuticals is developing quite rapidly thanks to large investments that come, for example, in research related to the study of aspects of longevity and life extension. However, all this is closed to the general public and is implemented at the corporate level. This approach prevents ordinary people interested in innovative developments in the field of longevity and life extension from accessing such information”, – Denis Chernyshov says, ELC CEO.

“In the laboratories, world scientists are working on translating their revolutionary ideas into reality, but the mass audience does not know about it. And, most importantly, such technologies are developed by R&D centers and companies that do not share the results obtained and other information useful to the average person. This slows down the application of new technologies for decades. Developments like these are expensive and quite isolated in their distribution, because the business models that dominate the market today encourage the monopolization of any innovation. We are aimed at giving these processes publicity and providing an opportunity for everyone seeking access to longevity tech to directly participate in them. We are confident that the solution of global issues requires the unification of common efforts and the formation of a collective perception,” Denis Chernyshov, CEO of Eternity Life Clinics.

ELC-DAO Community Principles

  1. Crowdfunding financing, which provides for a reward system.
  2. Engagement of KYC mechanisms for recognition and verification of users.
  3. Member grading. Funding for projects will be determined by a vote of all community members. The voice of an experienced specialist or researcher in decision making is more important than the voice of a user who does not have relevant knowledge in the industry.
  4. Members of the maker DAO community will unite into subgroups according to their interests – biologists, doctors, nutritionists, etc., having the opportunity to discuss, share their ideas and experiences.
  5. The blockchain technologies used by us allow us to provide reliable protection of copyrights and intellectual property.
  6. A special NFT collection. What is NFT? It will be released, allowing you to join the DAO and participate in voting and thematic events.
  7. NFT marketplace – it will also be possible to sell NFTs or exchange them for medical services valued in equal terms.

Key task of our community is to speed up scientific research and develop life-extension-technology faster. Together it is much easier to achieve the desired results!

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