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Published November 10, 2022

ELC is an innovative cooperative tool for the decentralized development of life extension technologies. Our main mission is to accelerate research and development to improve human health and increase life expectancy.

Now the biopharmaceutical industry is thriving thanks to unprecedented investments, especially in the science of longevity. However, all this takes place at the corporate or closed level. Our goal is to bring these processes to the public sector and allow everyone to participate because we believe that to solve global goals, we need to unite.

What we want to change in the sector of healthcare

At its core, the creation of biopharmaceutical value consists of intellectual property rights (IP), know-how, and research data. Today, research and development have become prohibitively expensive and isolated, as a consequence of the monopolization of innovation by IP business models. This is done by creating patent papers in protected portfolios. In other words, there are a lot of discoveries that are postponed in the “black box” for an indefinite time.

To solve this problem, our team has set a priority goal for itself – to create a DAO community where each participant will not only be able to make small decisions but also influence large-scale issues such as the construction of clinics, research, and much more. The minimum viable product (MVP) of our project is still at the sandbox stage, and we are preparing it for an early release.

What is ELC-DAO?

ELC-DAO is a team for the decentralized development and implementation of longevity projects. An additional opportunity for our DAO is to finance medical research in the field of longevity and immortality.

Our main mission is to accelerate the research and development of technologies to prolong human life. To achieve this goal, ELC-DAO collectively finances and digitizes a huge amount of research data around the world, not only guaranteeing intellectual property but also allowing to bypass globalists.

It’s no secret that many issues are lobbied by large companies to realize their interests. But we are following a path that allows us to solve the interests of not corporations, but the participants of our DAO. The economics of our project will be based not only on stimulating the earnings of our participants, but also on the possibility of making real decisions without being a medical specialist. Thus, researchers and doctors will receive funding for their research. And every unit of our economy is an important link for solving one global problem – immortality.

We believe that everyone should be in their place and do their own thing. A researcher should not think about where to get money for work, just like an ordinary person should not wonder how to solve this or that health problem. Only by joining common efforts can we come to a solution to common problems. Therefore, our team is launching a platform that will completely change the world of medical financing.

For high-quality interaction and data security guarantees, our team plans to use a combination of new management structures in DAO, NFT, and financial engineering tools to maintain the liquidity of the project.

We are well aware that NFT technology is not a picture transfer, it is only 0.10% of its capabilities. NFT is not an interchangeable token that cannot be shared, it carries informational value. In other words, the NFT is equivalent only to itself, while it can have a price that the market determines.

This is a digital certificate confirming the fact of ownership of a non-interchangeable token or NFT. This can be explained as a claim to ownership, fixed in the form of a non-interchangeable set of data recorded in the blockchain. In our project, NFT technology is considered the right to receive services and fix IP.

In simple words: our researchers will not only be legally protected but their developments will be guaranteed to be recorded in the blockchain databases, where separate chains will be used for storing and transmitting the information. This method guarantees the safety and security of information, since to date no hacking of the blockchain network has been recorded (not to be confused with projects that have been hacked).

For ordinary users, NFT tokens and other tokens will be used, which will be the key access to the WEB3.0 service. All patients and their cards will also be digitized into the blockchain network, which will guarantee data security.

And so, using community-led decision-making processes, we set the following goals:

  1. quickly shorten the life cycles of making financing decisions;
  2. attract the world’s leading researchers by promoting the principles of open science;
  3. democratize their ownership.

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