Modern spinal navigation technology enables more accurate surgeries and better results

Published March 13, 2023
Eternity Life Clinics - Modern spinal navigation technology enables more accurate surgeries and better results

The neurosurgery staff at Sentara Center uses cutting-edge equipment to deliver high-quality care to patients with spinal problems. For spine surgical purposes, they effectively utilize Curve Image-Guided Surgery. With safer surgeries made possible by Curve, designed by BrainLab, patients have greater results and recover more quickly after the operation. Read on to figure out what makes this novel spinal navigation solution a breakthrough in the field of healthcare.

Overview of Curve Image Guided Surgery

Using preoperative planning and surgical visualization, Curve Imaging Guided Surgery optimizes navigation. Images from various perspectives let neurosurgeons make more accurate and confident decisions. The device features the following characteristics:

  • Capacitive touch technology reduces display deterioration, improves 3D software graphics, and creates stronger contrast for clearly distinguishing between tissues on two 27-inch touch displays with a 16:9 screen ratio.
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels per display for visuals in 2D and 3D that are higher definition and provide more anatomical detail
  • Modern image guidance software, along with a quick refresh rate, provides powerful 3D displays and signature Brainlab image enrichment.
  • Surgeons can effortlessly switch between viewing DICOM, navigating during surgery, and routing videos by simply touching the virtual “HOME” button.
  • High setup versatility is provided by cameras with motorized adjustments, a telescoping platform, and a laser pointer.
  • A digital music dock with high-fidelity audio for a listening experience.
  • Curve can be moved into and out of the operating space quickly because of eight motorized wheels that can turn in many directions and push cables aside.

Digitalization and personalization of spinal navigation with Curve

Neurosurgeons can connect to intraoperative scans and surgical scopes with ease due to the hub’s numerous data ports. They can also stream to a remote workstation and archive all data manually or automatically to the destination of your choice, such as a vendor-neutral archive (VNA), hospital information system (HIS), picture archiving and communication system (PACS), USB drive, or Quentry Cloud Services. Any client device can quickly access exported files for review or patient consultation.

Based on computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and other medical scans, Curve shows 3-dimensional images of the patients’ anatomies. Surgeons can trace the patient’s precise location on the operating table in relation to their tools using touchscreen monitors and two infrared cameras.

According to Dr. David A. Weiner at Sentara, Curve is an incredibly powerful ‘surgical sixth sense, which allows doctors to properly put and double-check screws when doing surgeries like lumbar fusions.

The surgical entry point and angle are identified for surgeons with the use of Curve™. The 3D graphics then instantly update to serve as a guide throughout the operation. With the help of the quick refresh rate and high-quality images that clearly distinguish between different types of tissue, surgeons can traverse and safeguard the body’s delicate structures with ease.

Dr. Weiner has employed the technology at Sentara for stabilization and fusion surgeries. The method enables smaller incisions and more accurate screw implantation, regardless of whether such surgeries are required as a result of traumas, tumors, or degenerative spine conditions that involve the gradual loss of normal structure and function of the spine over time. Yet, the technology can be applied to almost any spine or brain treatment.

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