New liquid biopsy detects signs of breast cancer in early-stage patients

Published December 8, 2022
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Eternity Life Clinics - New liquid biopsy detects signs of breast cancer in early-stage patients

The scientists from USC Michelson Center CSI-Cancer have determined that a laboratory analysis of blood under the name of a liquid biopsy could help deter whether a patient has a tumor forming in the cells of the breasts early in its growth and that it may not have spread to other parts of the body and if the probability of returning a diagnosis.

How liquid biopsy could potentially change the odds

This special biopsy is carried out by applying a common procedure of drawing blood by a doctor. When the blood is in the lab, it is checked for elements of malicious neoplasms. The research showing the new biopsy outcomes for early neoplasm diagnoses was firstly issued on September 27 in the journal npj Digital Medicine. The findings gave hope that in the future medical experts could find neoplasms with a traditional blood drawing procedure.

The scientists are enthusiastic about the outcomes obtained in the laboratory. They are keen on the opportunity to check if the developments will be evidenced in further follow-up studies to show its advantages for patients across the globe.

How a patient is checked for cancer in breasts now

A malicious neoplasm where cells in the breasts grow out of control, is the most frequent type of malicious neoplasms. The ACS approved X-ray picture of the breast and a biopsy as the traditional ways for check-ups. However, the truth is that X-ray picture of the breasts is not completely precise and its identification can be obstructed by other tissues. For some females, it is out of access, particularly for those in poor countries that feature a bad level of medicine. Also, it is often a case that even with a possibility for check-ups, some women simply do not get a scheduled check-up.

Another option for deterring neoplasms is a biopsy which, unfortunately, is not a reliable method as well. Even though it can point to some details about the neoplasm, it has a bunch of limits. Medical experts can use only a tiny area for gathering samples and may be incapable to completely cover the neoplasm. Moreover, it is done invasively and highly unpleasant.

When these two methods are used together, the diagnoses with X-ray image of the breasts and biopsies still signify a lot of individuals do not know about their real diagnoses until the development of a disease is a stage higher. Newest solutions such as CSI-Cancer’s biopsy can significantly change a model of practice that is applicable now.

How the research occurred

First thing, scientists gathered data from one hundred patients with neoplasm in breast—at different stages—and forty without neoplasms. The research was carried out at different US clinical places. Then the team analyzed an approach that the new biopsy could determine the number of cancer bio markers, such as οncosomes—nanoparticles, that create favorable conditions in the organism for neoplasm development. The finding was that almost all patients with a neoplasm at its early stages have these οncosomes.

If follow-up studies will prove the effectiveness of this approach, this could have a meaning that the new test may be a solution for early neoplasm diagnosis. In addition, the testing also could show whether individuals who have been successfully cured in the past that will stay healthy.

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