New rapid test to detect heart and cancerogenic pathologies

Published August 10, 2022
Categories: Health Science
Rapid Test

Scientists developed innovative test use in implementation and being able to quickly detect non-communicable ailments, such as carcinomas or heart diseases. This test identifies biological markers’ signals; it’s already evolved in COVID-19 virus detection, when SARS-CoV-2 presence means a positive result.

The test is susceptible to biological markers of non-communicable ailments; f. eg., prostate specific antigen in blood might be considered a biological marker signaling cancer cells  development in prostate gland. Certainly, a patient with these clinical suspicions is prescribed a comprehensive examination, the grounds for which may be the results of the test.

Clinical Benefits of Innovative Method

RNA or DNA diagnosis often requires a clear temperature regime and involves the use of many technical components. This test might be realistically performed at area temperature in normal home conditions. Scientists are confident that this can guarantee faster and easier diagnosis in the general practice clinic, as well as in hospitals with minimal capacity in countries with a low level of development.

An innovative test called Crispr Zyme could improve “admission” to the identification of biological markers. In addition, this tequinic is able to take humanity a few steps closer to home tests without intervention of a medical specialist. Soon, the diagnosis will become much easier, which will also reduce the number of additional diagnoses.

New test is based on CRISPR methods implementing RNA to detect urine or blood markers. In their version, such tests identify RNA, and amplify them, forming a mass of copies, for the convenience of obtaining a biological signal.

However, what is a certain disadvantage of this method, although it can be used to identify cancer cells, it does not give data on how many biological markers are present, but it’s significant for tracking the development of the disease.

Scientists are trying in every possible way to improve this technique, changing amplification to colorimetric analysis – a technique identifying the number of biological markers. Thanks to it, there is no need to monitor temperatures and do something extra, and it is also possible to determine the number of biological markers in the sample.

In general, Crispr Zyme is a more simplified diagnostic method than existing ones. It also differs in that it can show how many biological markers are present in the body, which helps not only to identify the disease, but also to track its progression.

After all the research, scientists hope that this test will give a chance to get closer to personalized therapeutic practice, with help of which cure will fully meet patients’ needs. For amplification stage elimination, scientists implemented nanozymes, microscopic synthetics that work like enzymes. These activities improve test signals; it makes colorimetric analysis easier to perform.

This tequinic doesn’t 100% expel all testing stages, because samples should also be processed with chemical compounds to obtain the required biological marker before testing. Scientists continue to improve their own technology, exploring alternative ways to process samples to maximize the convenience of users.

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